Priyanka Roy, consultant psychologist

It has been a great opportunity to working here with you all. I have been appointed here as a psychologist last year. I have learnt several of things from ASWB like what our behaviours should be towards the child with ASD, how will we care for them, what should do and shouldn’t and so on. The scope of learning is very high in ASWB. If you are eager to learn, their hands will always be with you. ASWB staff and teachers are all very cooperative and encouraging to teach you anything you want. The work environment is very supportive and friendly. I’m very thankful to Indrani ma’am who gave me this platform. Thank you everyone.

Sarmistha Debnath, Former Office Assistant

“Working at Autism Society West Bengal is a great experience for me. I am working here since six months, so get the opportunity to learn many things from my colleagues. Everyone in the organization is very helpful and cooperative. I came to know many things about Autism. I am very much thankful to this organization for giving me a chance to be a part of this organization”.

Priyanka Saha, Special Educator

Priyanka Saha, one of our therapist who joined us last November puts her experience of working here as “Autism Society West Bengal is a platform for real and practical oriented learning for which I am really thankful. It is here that I have learned to work with individuals with Autism and AHDH,how to give them simple instructions, importance and usefulness of schedule as well as teaching-learning materials. Autism Society West Bengal is a stable and good organization for me to start my career with. I am delighted to be a part of this organization and would love to put my hard work here to help it make a bigger and better organization in future. Thank you Autism Society West Bengal.”

Sabita Mukherjee, ASWB volunteer

Sabita Mukherjee, ASWB volunteer shares her experience of working with us. She started working for ASWB in the month of December, 2013. ‘It has been an enriching experience to work here. I discovered a new world here. Such talented children are there but they lack understanding of the outside world, social norms.’ She said initially it was a challenge for her to get into their world and to understand the cause of their behaviour. She adds, ‘The working atmosphere here is very supportive and encouraging especially for people like us who are new and want to learn. I am grateful to the organisation for welcoming me into this new world.”

Manisha Bhattacharya, consultant clinical psychologist

Manisha Bhattacharya, consultant clinical psychologist working at ASWB for nearly one year shares her experience of working here.

“It’s been almost a year, I am attached with ASWB. In fact, this has been a great experience for me working here. Apart from the vast knowledge I gain here, I would like to mention about the working environment of ASWB-friendly, welcoming and nurturing. People here facilitate learning for all in all aspects. Another important thing I like here is the appropriate blending of theories in real life problems-it’s a great learning experience for me. I cannot thanks ASWB enough”.

Naureen Huda Researcher-Duke University Class of 2014

Thank you so much for welcoming us into your community and for your generous support throughout our stay in Kolkata. I truly appreciate how you all at Autism Society West Bengal work so tirelessly to create a nurturting, loving, educational environment for individuals with ASD. I love that ASWB is run by parents, for parents. You not only educate parents and children about ASD, but you empower them to create more awareness and acceptance of individuals with ASD .More than anything ,I will always remember that mothers, fathers and children of ASWB who embraced me and Vandana so warmly, even though they just met us. I am happy to remember the vibrant personalities of the many children I met at ASWB, children with so much promise for wonderful futures.

Shantanu Ray Chaudhuri, Tampa, Florida, USA

We have been honored to be a part of the “Worldwide Joy Of Giving Week” and ASWB. We hope in the coming days all the good work done by ASWB is highly acknowledged and wide-spread.

A good friend briefed me all about the quality work done by ASWB. We wish this connecting chain continues and the welfare organisation gets flourished.

It was overwhelming to see the items purchased with my contributions.You are a running a wonderful society and may God bless you and even the little children who even more special.

Dr. Animita Saha, Charleotte, USA

It is been an amazing experience to be associated with ASWB. I was so excited to see a program that is so dedicated to the education and quality of life for both the kids and adults in Autism spectrum. It is so good to see that parents who take things in their own hand and challenge the existing education system that is so inflexible and give this unique group of individuals what they need. The ASWB has great leadership who think outside the box and interested to acquire all the latest knowledge and integrate in their practice all the latest technology and research to make sure their students get world class educational opportunity. Of course all this needs more than just the parents can do on their own as it all require enormous resources and financial back up.

Having a son in the spectrum and a bit lucky to be in US, I can see what they are trying to achieve and how much help they need.

In addition to the exposure, my own sense of giving back to the city where I grew up, I have gained amazing friends whose attitude, dedication and perseverance has given me strength and happiness. I will continue to associate myself with ASWB and hope to see it spread it wings as far as it can.

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