Autism Society West Bengal’s Mission, Vision & Overview

A nonprofit parent initiated organization started in 2002 to promote the support and inclusion of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder in society.

Autism Society West Bengal’s Vision
A supportive, social environment where persons with Autism are understood and their right to participation upheld.

Autism Society West Bengal‘s Mission
To enable individuals with Autism and their families to participate in developing strategies to improve their quality of life; optimize their strength through education, advocacy and support.

Autism Society West Bengal Overview
The organization started when a group of parents felt the need to qualitatively improve the lives of Autistic individuals and their families. In Dec 2002, ASWB began as a parent support group with 4 parents and 3 individuals (who were related to individuals with autism), with the focus on intervention techniques for autistic children, and raising awareness about Autism. ASWB was registered in December 2002.

Dikshan the special school for students with autism was started in 2003. In 2009 a section for older student started focusing on work and life skills. The Parent Training wing ASPIRES (Autism Spectrum Intervention Research Education and Support), started in the year 2008 with three parents. Since the number of parents looking to be trained has increased to about 12 families per training. Soon the early Intervention unit started providing school readiness program to young kids with autism. A one month parent training program started this year in 2019 for parents who could not get leave from office or had other difficulties for a three month long course.

We believe that young individuals with Autism need a platform to share their views and meet with their peers. In order to provide them with this platform we started YAAR (Young Adults With Autism Reach Out), a social club in the year 2014. We also had 5 year celebration of the club in the prestigious Asiatic Society campus in Salt Lake. ASWB always strives for supporting individuals with Autism to reach their full potential. The soft skill training program is an initiation in that direction which started in the 2017. Over the years we have added new programs in our school so that the students get a rich and diverse experience.

Autism Society West Bengal (ASWB) creates awareness about the day-to-day issues faced by individuals with autism spectrum, and their families. We advocate for appropriate services for individuals across their lifespan, and provide information regarding management, education, research, and advocacy. We conduct several awareness campaigns, workshops and seminars and in house trainings throughout the year. Special walks, art exhibitions and Programs are held on 2nd April (WAAD) each year to increase the awareness in the general public. In April 2019 a book ‘Understanding Autism’ was published by The Asiatic Society and co edited by our Secretary.

To create awareness at all levels ASWB has been partnering with different mainstream schools, university colleges, and corporate houses, different national and international organizations to reach out to more and more people in the society regarding Autism on one hand. In 2019 we had the privilege of being the social partner of Samaj Sebi Sangha, a well known Durga Puja Committee of Kolkata.

Autism Society West Bengal believes in open door policy so we encourage parents to actively participate in child’s development process and share their feedback about the same. This helps us to ensure delivery of quality care and services to individuals with autism and their families. The organization has clear structures and open channels of communication between management and staff as well as with the beneficiaries and their families resulting in developing appropriate and suitable strategies to design programs for the beneficiaries. Equal opportunity for decision-making is reflected in the ways of working at Autism Society West Bengal. A team of highly dedicated, efficient professionals and active volunteers remain a source of strength and support, which will help us to reach our goals.

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