Abhijeet Singh, Volunteer from Information Technology Department, Rotaract club of Heritage Institute of Technology

So, back in 2015when I first volunteered for a YAAR session of ASWB, I really had very little idea about Autism. Although unlike a major percentage of people I knew that it’s totally not a disease but a condition. In the 5 years that I have been a part of this beautiful organization not only I have learnt a lot about Autism (which I don’t think can be learned through any other course) but I have met some people who have taught me a lot about the difference between living and feeling alive.
Through ASWB I personally have learnt a lot. One major learning would be ‘Acceptance’ which I think is really important to understand. On a very selfish note I would like to say that I have made some amazing friends here. I get calls/messages often from friends I made through YAAR and they genuinely care about me with a lot of purity. This I think would be the best thing I have got from here.Cheers to ASWB and Acceptance!

Dr. Banhi Sikha Chaudhuri, Volunteer, Advisor, ASWB Library

Library is the heart of any educational Institute. ASWB has its own library, which is small but rich with collections. It serves all teachers, staff members and students of D. Ed. Last year we have completed accession and processing of all resources of our library. Now users can easily access all books and journals at their need.User card has been issued to each student. We have already procured some books this year. Apart from books, we have some e books and journals published by RCI. Though we have some limitations like space problem, shortage of fund etc, authority of ASWB, all teachers and staff members are very enthusiastic to develop this library. Next we are trying to establish a kid’s corner for the children of Dikshan. All of us are working together. It is a nice & happy experience for me.

Dr.Banhi Sikha Chaudhuri,
(Retd, In Charge, Bose Institute Library)

Suparna Natua – 2nd Year D.ED STUDENT

At first I want to thank Team Autism Society West Bengal for providing me such an opportunity which really helped me to learn a lot,as it introduced new perspective of learning (various kinds of techniques and their successful use). It is a really helpful course that enriches my mind to new ideas and increases my knowledge about the individuals with special needs. Here I get a very cooperative learning atmosphere; the trainers, special educators as well as the volunteers are always ready to help me for better learning. I must mention about the discipline which attracts me first. Special thanks to our director of the institution, Mrs Indrani Basu madam and our course coordinator, Mr Pranabesh Bhuniya sir.I am also thankful to my other trainers and teachers who instruct and guide me properly with their vast knowledge and experiences.


During my two year’s course of D.Ed in ASWB, I learned a lot. After being enrolled here, I came to know what the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is, what are the challenges faced by the person with ASD and how to educate them to cope with this challenges. This is totally a different and challenging arena. I owe my gratitude to the special educators, teachers, who make this difficult field of study more comprehensible and enjoying too. Besides the academic part, challenges lies more in practically handle those specially abled children and supporting or educate them to explore their special abilities. Apart from our educators, the volunteers and care giver helps a lot in understanding those person. Hope I will be a good professional after passing out from this institution and I am indebted to all my teachers of ASWB.

Soumyashri Dingal -1st Year D.Ed Student

It’s been a year I joined Autism Society West Bengal as a D. Ed. Trainee on special education and I’m fortunate to be a part of ASWB team. Here I get the opportunity to gain knowledge and learn about several things on Autism, like how we should behave with the children with ASD, how we can teach them through the use of schedule as well as teaching learning materials and help them to lead their life independently. The students with ASD are so fun loving and some of them show their talents in various activities, like singing, dancing, drawing etc. I always enjoy the way teachers entertain and encourage the students to participate in group or individual activities. I feel pleasure to be with the staffs and teachers as they are so cooperative, friendly and encouraging. Thanks to ASWB for giving me the scope to support the students, in achieving important learning milestones by using various teaching methods. For me it is a great learning experience and best guideline to become a special educator.

Adrija Roy – 1st Year D.Ed Student

It is a wonderful experience to be associated with ASWB. It has been one year I have been associated with ASWB. I came to know about this organization from one of my esteemed professor who is himself associated with this organization. Initially I had a very brief experience about “AUTISM” but when I got associated with this society I got a broad knowledge about “AUTISM “ .When I entered here then I came to know WHAT ACTUALLY AUTISM IS? Then I analyzed that it is a developmental disorder characterized by difficulties with social interaction and communication including repetitive behaviors. As the days went by I came to know that each autistic individual have different behavioral aspects and they behave or act differently under different circumstances. When I joined ASWB I gained the knowledge about how to deal and communicate with these children .Day by day an unbreakable bond formed with all the children, members and teachers working here. I am very lucky that I got the opportunity to be a part of this society and will look forward to use my training and skills in serving the society towards these children and helping them in all possible ways so that they could lead a normal life.

Insana Konoki Majumdar – Occupational Therapist

Well it’s been 2 years for me to work in this beautiful organization Autism Society West Bengal. It’s been a great journey so far. I would like to thank Indrani Basu mam for being very kind to me always and guiding me. Similarly, Dr Mitu De mam has been so encouraging and always wants the best for me. The management and other staff have been so cooperative and helpful. I feel much positivity in this place and love to come to work every time. My day brightens up seeing all the people with their cheerful faces and new themes of work. The best part is that everyone stopping to make me feel valuable despite their busy schedule. Sometimes it’s not just about your job that motivates you, it’s also the place where you work and with whom you work that makes the journey a meaningful one. So I feel so blessed to be a part of ASWB for which I really love my work and want everyone also to be happy around me.

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