Dikshan – A special school for students with autism spectrum disorder.

A school for students with autism

At Dikshan we respect the individuality and dignity of each of our students. We take into account each student’s unique skills and learning style. We are not tied to any one doctrine since children with Autism typically have uneven patterns of development, resulting in a wide range of functioning levels. Many are easily distracted, have difficulty in organizing information, and often fail to generalize and maintain what they learn. Therefore it is important for the curriculum to be flexible and allow for individual differences in learning profiles.

We use what research identifies as effective techniques that work. We use and develop our techniques around the individual that helps them to learn and foster independence.

Our very special school is designed to be informative for parents. We practice an open door policy where parent are encouraged to observe and be involved in the sessions at Dikshan.

The ages of students at Dikshan range from 3 to 19 years. Students here receive teaching on a 1:1 basis as well as in small groups. All our teaching sessions are based on sound behavioral principles with emphasis on communication. We strive to make our student independent through the use of structured learning. Other than communication we work on social skills, work skills and leisure skills.

Vocational Training

We have set up a small vocational training unit on 17th June 2006, with the purpose of enhancing work skills so that as adults they may find employment in sheltered workshops a well as in the open market.

The work skills are based on the interest and the ability of the student . We also have to consider the training in skills which may lead to the individual earning in a sheltered work place or even in the open market.

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