Dr. Banhi Sikha Chaudhuri, Volunteer, Advisor, ASWB Library

Library is the heart of any educational Institute. ASWB has its own library, which is small but rich with collections. It serves all teachers, staff members and students of D. Ed. Last year we have completed accession and processing of all resources of our library. Now users can easily access all books and journals at their need.User card has been issued to each student. We have already procured some books this year. Apart from books, we have some e books and journals published by RCI. Though we have some limitations like space problem, shortage of fund etc, authority of ASWB, all teachers and staff members are very enthusiastic to develop this library. Next we are trying to establish a kid’s corner for the children of Dikshan. All of us are working together. It is a nice & happy experience for me.

Dr.Banhi Sikha Chaudhuri,
(Retd, In Charge, Bose Institute Library)