2016-17 Deborshi Dutta – Likes to spend time with Parents

A child of 3 and half years, Deborshi was diagnosed as individual with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He was non communicative. As a child of 3 years he did not like to play with other kids or with his parents which is quite opposite of other children of his age. Deborshi’s mother went for ten days parent – child training at Autism Society West Bengal. After the training program, Deborshi showed some signs of improvement. Nandita Dutta, Deborshi’s mother was confident that further training will help him to improvement his level of communication and other areas as well. The three months parent training program ushered in significant improvement in terms of communication, play as well as sitting habit. Nandita Dutta shared that what she liked the most about the training program is that now Deborshi likes to spend leisure time with them and also attempts to play with them and other children.