Soma Mukherjee, D Ed trainee (2nd Batch 2017-2019)

This is Soma Mukherjee a D Ed trainee and also a parent of an autistic boy.
Regarding ASWB I would like to say although my son got a late diagnosis of ASD, he has benefitted from the services given by the therapists of ASWB.
Also as a D Ed trainee I would like to thank our course coordinator Mr Pranabesh Bhunia, our excellent and experienced teaching staff and our most beloved, our director, Mrs Indrani Basu. This course has both theory and practical training which enables us to prove better all-round services. Every individual with autism is different with unique learning styles, challenges, strengths and behavioural issues. Through this training course we develop skills to identify these factors and design customized intervention programme according to each individual’s specific needs. Also this course makes us feel highly empowered to share parents challenges and play a key role in bringing solutions for their children.