Sukrit learns to chew- Sukrit Sinha, three months parent child training

Sohinee, Sukrit’s mother noticed some unusual behavioral traits in him. For instance, he was obsessed with round objects like wheels of cars, ball etc. He used few words rather single words, his main way of communication was pointing fingers at objects or things. Moreover, he did not chew his food. Then he was diagnosed with autism at two years and ten months. After diagnosis, they took up ten days and three months training respectively. Now, after undergoing three months training Sukrit has learned to chew his food. He is brushing his teeth now. Sohinee says,” Thank god! He can now chew his food .It’s a big freedom in my life, we can now go for dinner at restaurants without worrying about his food. He is also mingling with other children of his age.’’ She believes that Chandrani madam is her mentor, philoposher and guide. Sohinee also praises the way educators teach them ways of managing the child practically as well as theoretically. It is here in ASWB that she has found support and has developed a strong bond with the parents. In her words, ‘It’s like a family now’.