Dr. Animita Saha, Charleotte, USA

It is been an amazing experience to be associated with ASWB. I was so excited to see a program that is so dedicated to the education and quality of life for both the kids and adults in Autism spectrum. It is so good to see that parents who take things in their own hand and challenge the existing education system that is so inflexible and give this unique group of individuals what they need. The ASWB has great leadership who think outside the box and interested to acquire all the latest knowledge and integrate in their practice all the latest technology and research to make sure their students get world class educational opportunity. Of course all this needs more than just the parents can do on their own as it all require enormous resources and financial back up.

Having a son in the spectrum and a bit lucky to be in US, I can see what they are trying to achieve and how much help they need.

In addition to the exposure, my own sense of giving back to the city where I grew up, I have gained amazing friends whose attitude, dedication and perseverance has given me strength and happiness. I will continue to associate myself with ASWB and hope to see it spread it wings as far as it can.