Developing an interest in food -Soham Nanda- three months parent child training

Soham was three years of age when he took up the three months training at ASWB. But he was diagnosed at two and half years of age. He was a non verbal child with some behavioral issues and lack of interest in food. It was after the training that Soham has learned to communicate with two or three signs and he even pull our hands to show what he wants. He has also developed an interest in food. Arpita Nanda, Soham’s mother used to prepare food for him when they went out for dinner or lunch in a restaurant but now he has developed an interest in food prepared in restaurants and parties. He has also learned to do things individually. His mother is elated at Soham’s improvement. In her words, “I will always remain grateful to ASWB. It is such a wonderful organization for autistic children and their.