Greeted with a smile-Briti Mahanta – three months parent child training

Briti was diagnosed with autism at an age of three years. Her problem areas were lack of communication, poor eye contact and lack of attention. After three months training she has learned socially appropriate behavior. Laxmi Rani Mahanta, her mother says that she can take Briti to social gatherings, market place and parks. She waits in the shop until her mother finishes shopping. Briti now pulls her mother’s hand to show what she wants be it chips, biscuits, cold drinks, chocos, water, fruits etc. She waits for her father to come home, when he arrives from office she gives a big smile which is precious for the them. Her mother says it’s because of the training that we have got at ASWB, Briti has learned and improved. In her words, ’ASWB is like a ray of hope. Moreover, here we have met so many people whose child has been diagnosed with autism so it has become a support system for us where we can share our feeling with each other.’